Better data, better yields

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What is Sproutsheet?

Sproutsheet is a free online tool that lets you add daily or global data events to your grows. This data can be used to improve future grows by analyzing your problems or just remembering when you last watered them again.

Painless data entry.

We try to make manual data entry as painless as possible by letting you save your data events. So no need to retype every event, just load a saved event like water, soil, nutrients, edit and add it to your grow. These saved events are called memories.

Share your data.

Because all data on Sproutsheet is public it's easy to share your data with friends, customers or other grow enthusiasts.

On the move.

Sproutsheet is optimized for mobile devices which makes it great for entering data on your smart phone or tablet inside your grow room.


Take a look at the active grows page to see what is possible with Sproutsheet.